Sixteen years experience as a fine artist, with portraiture, traditional tempera painting, woodcuts and prints chosen for top galleries and exhibits.

Work Featured
"I Hate Valentine's Day" movie, 2009
Architectural Digest, July 2005
Town and Country, October 2001, Special Home Issue

Select Exhibitions
* IntroShow @ MadArts Studios Gallery, Brooklyn NY, July - August 2009
* Composition @ BAG Gallery, Brooklyn NY, August - September 2008
* Rockers & Posers, Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn NY, May - June 2008
* Yama Gallery at the Orange Bear Bar, New York, August - September 2001
* Zalman Gallery, New York, November - December 1998
* Annual Exhibition at the Mayor's Office at the City Hall, New York, January 1998
* Cork Gallery at the Lincoln Center, New York, January - February 1996
* Ward-Nasse Gallery, SoHo, New York, Summers of 1993-1995
* Tweed Gallery, New York, October 1994
* Cafe Le Poeme, SoHo, New York, September 1993

New York Academy of Art, New York, 1997 - 1999
Portrait painting
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, 1993 - 1996
Fine Art, Design and Illustration

History of art, rare books, mountaineering.